While HR professionals understand that Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion is more than just a
policy statement, getting the entire organization to embrace, not just talk about it, takes
thought, planning and training.

In face of the “resignation tsunami,” employers who have created initiatives around diversity
and inclusion are finding tangible results for attracting and retaining staff.

My tips for a successful DEI program include:
1. Engaging senior leaders – train, engage discussion, brainstorm, and train some more.
2. Dig deep into your culture – be aware of biases and have open dialogue to understand
and encourage a cultural change.
3. Use a “human” approach. Review your business and human resources practices through
the eyes of those you are trying to attract. Are you diversified and open to all?
4. Trust matters – success happens when the organization goals and the people moving
forward together. Connection requires trust and transparency.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford